The Top 10 Questions To Ask About Your Homeowners Insurance

1 - How much coverage did you quote on my house? Does and does this include detached structures (garage, workshop, etc.)?

2- How much coverage is provided for my personal property (my stuff)? 

3- Are my contents insured for replacement cost or actual cash value (ACV)

4- Is my house insured for replacement cost or actual cash value (ACV)

5- Do I have sewer and water coverage?

6- How much is my deductible in dollars? How about my wind deductible

7- Do I have (or did you quote) a separate Wind/Hail policy?

8- Do I have coverage for Additional Living Expenses?

9- How much Ordinance and Law coverage do I have?

10- Do I have (or did you quote) a Flood Policy? What is my flood zone?

*Don't think you need Flood Insurance? Visit our Flood Insurance page

When Shopping for Homeowners Insurance, Remember -

You need enough insurance to cover:

- The structure of your home and any additional structures (detached garage, shop, shed, etc.)

- Your personal possessions (your stuff)

- The cost of additional living expenses if you have to live elsewhere during repairs

- Your potential liability to others

To gather information about your house:

- Year Built

- Square Footage

- Roof shape

- When any upgrades were made, if known. (New HVAC, roof, wiring, plumbing, etc.)

- Construction type (wood frame, wood frame with brick, concrete, concrete block, etc.) 

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