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Use our Service Directory to find certified professionals who understand FORTIFIED construction. Roofers, FORTIFIED Evaluators, builders, insurers, engineers, and others are ready to help with your next home project.

How much money can a stronger home save you?

Insurance and Tax Savings

FORTIFIED qualifies for insurance discounts and tax write-offs in many states.

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FORTIFIED construction standards better protect your property and can save money on insurance

Buying a roof can feel overwhelming

Let us guide you through the process of buying a new FORTIFIED Roof, which can save you money while better protecting your family and belongings.


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Are You Adequately Insured?

Find the information you need to shop for your homeowners insurance, have the proper coverages, and get the best rates

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Smart Home America is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization

We have advised communities, home, and business owners about the benefits of resilience, pre-disaster mitigation, and adequate insurance coverage for over a decade.

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