Through years of work, we have developed successful approaches to strengthen properties in a community. These approaches are tailored to the community or program. They can include education and mentorship, technical assistance, demonstration projects, improved building codes, beyond-code building standards, legislation and policy, and innovative financing solutions.

Our experience was gained through hands-on and direct technical assistance and training to stakeholders about resilient construction and by managing or supporting state and federally-funded projects.

Smart Home America is the most prominent FORTIFIED technical assistance provider in the US and has assisted communities in implementing FORTIFIED standards as a solution to reducing impacts from natural hazards. However, SHA is an avid supporter and educator of several climate-resilient construction methods and can offer expertise on other beyond-code building solutions if FORTIFIED is not a viable path for a project or in a particular community.

Hear how our work has impacted Fairhope, AL or watch below.

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