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The Homeowner's Handbooks to Prepare for Natural Disasters are developed and maintained by NOAA Sea Grant programs. The Handbooks provide valuable and actionable information on how natural disasters will likely affect residents and what they can do to be better prepared. There is additional information on how to build stronger to protect property better, how to choose and understand insurance, and what to do if you are a victim of a disaster. 

Homeowners Handbooks to Prepare for Natural Disasters are currently customized for residents of ten states and territories. 

Smart Home America was awarded funding to update the Homeowners Handbooks for the Gulf states through a Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA) sub-award agreement #G-121733. The project updated the information in the book and refreshed the design to enhance the usefulness of this valuable resource for residents. Homeowners Handbooks are developed in partnership with many subject matter experts and organizations, including NOAA, Sea Grant, and state and local entities. Please see each book for acknowledgments. Additionally, a "special thanks is extended to the University of Hawaii Sea Grant College Program for assisting us with the first version of this handbook and for allowing us to model the handbook after the original Homeowners Handbook authored by Dennis Hwang and Darren Okimoto."

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