Smart Home America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides disaster resilience education and technical assistance to empower communities to build stronger.

Our mission is to create stronger communities through collaboration, education, and the promotion of resilient and sustainable policies, products, and building methods.

We have impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands through our policy and education initiatives, creating generational change. Our focus is to enhance the capacity of governments and organizations to improve building codes and enact policies and legislation to incentivize resilient construction. Our vision is to make communities stronger, safer, and more resilient, meaning they can recover quicker after a disaster. We have four central values: collaboration, pragmatism, persistence, and innovation.

Resiliency Week Proclamation w logo copy 1
Smart Home America and key partners meet with Alabama Governor Kay Ivey to establish Resiliency Week.

Across the over 20 states we work in, tens of thousands of homes now stand firm through the storm. Billions of dollars have been saved and invested through the programs and policies we have supported. Our formula is based on a combination of education services, technical assistance for policy and code enhancement.

Ida FORTIFIED Commercial side by side LA with attributions 8 2021 1

We’ve shown that building to the FORTIFIED standard is attainable and worthwhile. Above are two multifamily complexes after Hurricane Ida. They are a half a mile apart, but FORTIFIED Commercial™ changed how the families living in the units on the right would recover. 

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