FORTIFIED Home™ construction works no matter where you live and gives you options based on local weather risks.

There are FORTIFIED Home™ standards for the coast and inland. The standard you'd use is determined by the weather risks in your area. Find out the risks you face and search for a FORTIFIED Evaluator to get started.

Learn about each level of the FORTIFIED Home™ construction standard below.


Keep Water Out and Your Roof On

IBHS created FORTIFIED Roof™ to help homeowners keep their roof on and keep water out during hurricanes, high winds, hail, and severe thunderstorms.


Protect windows and doors and strengthen gable ends, porches, and carports

FORTIFIED Silver includes all FORTIFIED Roof requirements and addresses damage from broken windows and failures of doors, weak gable ends, and poorly anchored attached structures such as porch or carport roofs.


The Highest Standard of Protection

FORTIFIED Gold includes all FORTIFIED Roof and Silver requirements and resists damage from category 3 hurricanes.

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