FORTIFIED goes above average building codes, which are minimum standards, by giving you options to increase the performance of your home or business against severe weather. 

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Using third-party, independent FORTIFIED Evaluators, in-depth verification process gives consumers an added layer of protection by ensuring a home is built to the highest standards

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FORTIFIED qualifies homes or businesses for insurance discounts and tax credits from a growing list of states. Certain states have legislated these discounts or credits


The FORTIFIED designation lasts for five years, at which time it must be renewed. This allows you to continue to receive any insurance discounts or benefits and lets you know your home is still performing to the highest standards.

A FORTIFIED designation stays with a property. When you sell your home, the next owner gets the same benefits you did...that's a selling point. 

Speaking of selling points, a recent study led by the University of Alabama and coauthored by the University of Mississippi and Auburn University shows that a FORTIFIED designation increases a property's value by 7 percent (in some cases more) when it sells.

FORTIFIED has been shown to be affordable at every price point. From Habitat for Humanity to beachfront homes, the costs to build, re-roof or upgrade are minimal compared to the benefits

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Sleep better knowing your home is built to some of the highest standards available and your home and your possessions are protected.

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