FORTIFIED construction can save you money on home insurance, reduce the risk of storm damage, and protect your family. Learn more.

Don't Goof When You Re-Roof®

If you need a new roof, visit our website dedicated to re-roofing. Learn how a FORTIFIED Roof™ better protects your home and belongings during hurricanes, severe storms, and tornados. Find qualified roofers and FORTIFIED Evaluators. Learn how to save money on insurance and taxes by installing a FORTIFIED Roof.

Shop for Your Insurance

You shop for the best of everything else, why not insurance? Use the Top Ten Questions to Ask About Homeowners Insurance to help you get the best insurance possible for your situation. Shop now.

Money-Saving Discounts and Tax Credits 

Many states offer insurance discounts, tax credits or deductions, and other incentives for strengthening your home against natural hazards. Find more savings here.

Service Providers

Find certified roofers, contractors, builders, and FORTIFIED Evaluators who can help with your next project. Search now

Increase Your Homes Value

FORTIFIED can increase your home value by nearly seven percent. Learn more

Funding Options

Some programs can help you pay to get your home FORTIFIED. Learn more. 

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Looking for a reputable roofer or home builder? We list professionals who have been certified to understand how to build FORTIFIED

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