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We created Don’t Goof Flood Proof® to educate about flood risks, how to mitigate against damage, and share the importance of flood insurance. 

The information on Don’t Goof Flood Proof® can also assist communities with education about flooding and associated risks and support local Community Rating System (CRS) efforts.

If it rains where you are, we recommend a flood policy. There are two options for flood insurance:

  1. Private Flood Insurance 
  2. National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

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There are several solutions to protect built structures from flood damage. The first is to not build in an area that is at risk of flooding. The next option is to buy flood insurance. There are also other methods to reduce flood damage to built structures, called mitigation. These include Dry Floodproofing, Elevation, and Wet Floodproofing.

Don't Goof Flood Proof®

Take steps to protect your home and business from the flood.

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