Flood For Reuse

Floods, according to National Geographic, cause about $6 billion worth of damage and kill nearly 140 people every year in the US. Most people don’t know that every state is at risk for flash floods or that everyone is a flood zone.

Test your flood knowledge with our 5 flood facts you may not know.

1. Six inches of fast-moving water is enough to knock a person down. Don’t try to walk through flood waters. Often the water is much deeper than you know and could contain dangerous debris or contaminants.

2. 66% of flood-related deaths are due to drivers attempting to drive through water that is too deep. Never try to drive through water when you don’t know how deep it is. 12 inches of water is enough to sweep away a small car and two feet of water can sweep away most vehicles.

3. New land development can increase the risk of flooding. New construction can change the natural runoff patterns of an area. When building or buying a home, be aware of this fact. Prepare and be proactive, talk to your builder or neighbor and mitigate the effects. Land that hasn’t flooded in the past may be at higher risk after new construction takes place.

4. Everyone has the potential to experience a flood. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), over 25 percent of the National Flood Insurance Program’s (NFIP) flood insurance claims are for structures outside high-risk floodplains. Everyone in the nation is at risk of flooding, no matter if they are in a floodplain or not.

5. Flood insurance is separate from Homeowners Insurance. Even if you have homeowner’s insurance, you are not covered for flood damage unless you have a Flood Policy as well. Make sure you’re covered. Communicate with your insurance agent and know your policy. Learn more about flood insurance on our Flood Insurance page.


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