Shop Your Insurance!

We price shop for our cars, shoes and TV’s, why not our insurance? It protects more than your stuff.

Not looking into your options can be a costly mistake. One you'll probably find out about too late. Just because things have gone okay so far or you've been with so-and-so company for X number of years, doesn't mean you have the right coverages or are getting the best value.

We recommend shopping around for coverage at least every few years, and with several different companies or agencies.

The Alabama Coastal Insurance Shopper's GuideOur new Alabama Coastal Insurance Shopper's Guide. This free guide features sections on the process of buying homeowners insurance, elements of coverage, flood insurance and even a Homeowners Comparison Checklist, as well as a “Top 10 Questions” to ask when buying insurance.


Ask the Right Questions | We have you covered, use our Top 10 Questions to ask About Homeowners Insurance.

DOWNLOAD the "Top Ten Questions To Ask About Your Homeowners Insurance" handout. 


You need enough insurance to cover the following:

 The structure of your home and any additional structures (detached garage, shop, shed, etc.)

 Your personal possessions (your stuff).

The cost of additional living expenses if you have to live elsewhere during repairs.

Your liability to others.

AND, to compile information about your house:

Year Built
Square Footage
When any upgrades were made if known. (New HVAC, new roof, new wiring, new plumbing, etc.)
Construction type (wood frame, wood frame with brick, concrete, concrete block, etc.) 


Follow these steps to strengthen your home, gain peace of mind and save money on insurance.