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Building codes don’t seem very interesting until you see how beneficial they are to your bottom dollar. 

1. Building codes protect your investment. We understand you want to protect your home during a disaster, so do we. Modern building codes can do that! Good code enforcement decreases loss following disasters by up to 25%. When jurisdictions adopt and enforce the most up-to-date code, they are also more likely to qualify for federal pre-disaster mitigation funding and more post-disaster recovery assistance. All of this breaks down to this fact; enforced building codes can help you recover quicker. 

2. Building codes save you money!
Did you know that newer editions of the International Residential Building Codes generate a national benefit of $11 for every $1 invested? Additionally, the same study by the National Institute for Building Sciences found designing to exceed certain provisions of the I-Codes, such as using the FORTIFIED HomeTM standards in addition to building to modern building codes, would see an additional $5 saved for every $1 spent. That’s a HUGE return on your investment!

3. Building codes provide peace of mind.
When you build to modern building codes, you understand that your home is better protected. You can also more easily retrofit to a higher standard, like FORTIFIED Home with modern building codes. Additionally, FORTIFIED may qualify you for insurance discounts and increase your home value by 7%!