FORTIFIED construction, FORTIFIED Roof, flood retrofits, and hazard mitigation makes homes, apartments, and businesses stronger. They also better protect your family, your belongings, and can save you money. 

Find FORTIFIED and mitigation credits, insurance discounts, tax credits, tax deductions, and funding available, such as state grants. Contact us if you have any questions. 

Information for each state can include:


Currently, five states offer discounts tied directly to FORTIFIED. Oklahoma passed House Bill 1720 in May 2017, allowing discounts for FORTIFIED construction to go into effect April 2018. Additionally, in South Carolina, 17 insurers offer discounts for FORTIFIED, according to a 2016 survey.


Mitigation Programs, Funding, Additional Resources, and Other Incentives

If you were affected by a Presidentially declared disaster, you might qualify for tax relief by the IRS. Learn more here. Qualifying FEMA disaster relief payments can be excluded from your taxable income. Contact your tax advisor.

Find additional funding opportunities here.

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Updated 06/2020