Green Building

Nowadays, everyone is “going green.” Whether you’re asking for paper bags at the grocery store or biking to work, the little things add up. Building FORTIFIED is also a big step towards greener more sustainable living.

First, building stronger protects your home from extreme weather, keeping your possessions safe from damage. Possessions that would, unfortunately, end up in a landfill, now remain damage-free in your home.

Less damage = less garbage

Just like Building Codes, Energy Codes are minimum standards. They focus on ensuring homes and businesses use resources more efficiently. Meeting these codes are required and can be more costly. Building your home FORTIFIED protects the investment you make to save energy, thus helping you save even more money and resources.

Less resources = less energy = less money

Take a step towards living a “greener” more resilient life today. Build FORTIFIED while investing in some energy efficient products or programs, such as Energy Star, and see how they complement a stronger home! Learn more about FORTIFIED and learn how it can make your life greener!

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