Amazingly January is already gone in this new year of 2017. Hopefully, you have recovered from the holiday expenditures and put your home back in order. Many of you have set resolution in motion and performed the pre-and-post holiday purge and are feeling productive.

We here at Smart Home America are suggesting a bit more organizing and refreshing with one of your largest investments. Your home. When was the last time you thoroughly reviewed your home insurance policy? By “thorough” I mean that you walk through the policy and when you do not understand something you reach out to your insurance agent for clarification. I do not mean quickly skimming it and then jumping to the premium amount to make sure that it is acceptable.

Everyone needs a little assistance with this so we are providing a link to the Alabama Shopper’s Guide rack card. The ten questions that you should ask your insurance agent about your policy at least once a year. We are going to take the questions one by one over the coming weeks and elaborate so you understand what you are asking and why it is important.

We hope this will be helpful and assist you and making informed decisions when protecting your home and the property inside. The SHA website has great information and guidance to creating a resilient home and community. Give it a peek the next time your standing in line.

-Julie Shiyou-Woodward

President & CEO at Smart Home America