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We know there are many ways to prepare for disasters large and small; trimming trees, cleaning gutters, and mitigating your home against the damaging effects of wind and water. We also know many people don’t do these things. While putting off these preparations isn’t the best idea, one thing you can easily do is review your homeowner’s insurance. This makes a big difference by ensuring you are properly covered and can even save you money on insurance coverage.

First, in case of disaster, keep copies of your insurance policies in a safe and easy to access place. That may be a hard copy, or digitally saved on a flash drive or in the cloud with other important documents. You should also periodically shop your insurance to make sure you are getting the best deal and have the right coverage.

Here are ten things you need to know or find out about your insurance BEFORE you need it:

1) How much coverage do I have on my house and does this include detached structures (garage, workshop, fences, etc.)?

2) How much coverage is provided for my personal property/contents (my stuff)?

3) Are my contents insured for replacement cost or actual cash value (ACV)?

4) Is my house insured for replacement cost or actual cash value (ACV)?

5) Do I have sewer and water backup coverage?

6) How much is my deductible in dollars? How about my wind deductible?

7) Do I have a separate Wind/Hail policy? Do I have a Named Storm policy? (What’s the difference?)

8) Do I have coverage for Additional Living Expenses?

9) How much Ordinance and Law coverage do I have?

10) Do I have a Flood Policy? What is my flood zone? (Don't think you need Flood Insurance?...visit our Flood Insurance page to see why you do. Flood damage is not included in your homeowners insurance.

Check out our Insurance page or contact your insurance agent for more information about insurance.