Top 20 FORTIFIED Cities, a Peak at 2017, 2016 in Review, Upcoming Training & More. The Mitigation Minute. Dec. 2016

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Note from the CEO 

Persistent engagement and strategic collaboration. The two most important ingredients that allow Smart Home America to keep pushing our mission forward. Our success is an absolute team effort.

We work tirelessly, seamlessly and extremely efficiently with our partners, funders, vendors and the countless thought leaders that we continue to come in contact with in our effort to build resilient and sustainable communities. 

Thank you for an amazing 2016.We wish you and yours a Happy Holiday and a safe, healthy and resilient New Year,

Julie Shiyou-Woodard

President and CEO

Top 20 FORTIFIED Cities in the U.S. 

Recently, Lagniappe Mobile published an article highlighting cities that lead the nation in FORTIFIED(tm) construction. We were the source of this information. Here are our takeaways and the Top 20 FORTIFIED Cities in America. Read More

2016 in Review 

As we reflect on this year's accomplishments, we are humbled at all that has been achieved in just 12 short months with the voice, support and belief of our partners.Watch the Slideshow

Thanking Our Partners! 

During 2016, we proudly continued many longstanding partnerships, renewed previous ones and gained several new supporters. We thank each and every one for their investments of time, energy and capital. These organizations believe in our mission and see the impact and value of our work. We, in turn, see like-minded organizations that empower people to make informed decisions and strengthen and protect communities. Take a minute to see who supports us, and when you have a need for services or building materials, keep them in mind.

2017 Board of Directors 

Meet our Board of Directors and slate of officers for 2017. Since our inception, the Board of Directors has provided council, leadership and insight to further our mission and strengthen the communities we serve. We are grateful for their dedicated service and their vision for our future.

Capacity Building in 2017 

Building resilient and sustainable communities is a very, very long and dedicated conversation. We are now having that chat in seven states so SHA is planning to add a third staff person in the new year. We are very excited for the potential impacts we will make with our increased capacity. Stay in touch and keep informed as we move through this new year to see how these conversations progress.

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[ARTICLE] When an unprompted mention in a New York Times article comes across your desk, that says something. Thank you, partners!

[PARTNER HIGHLIGHT] Our friends at Coastal Alabama Partnership were highlighted for their regional leadership in bringing together diverse stakeholders to find solutions and common ground to make coastal Alabama a premier business and tourism destination.

[FEATURE] The Lagniappe highlighted US cities that lead in FORTIFIED construction. Find out who has taken the reigns and which states are making a push to build more resilient homes.

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Events & Training

Spanish Fort, AL
Registration closes 01/11/2017

Spanish Fort, AL
Registration closes 01/11/2017


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