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Building Education Program Started in Mobile, AL Expanded to Four States

The Allstate Foundation and Smart Home America teach volunteers how to build better homes
11/11/2017 @ 04:11 PM

Home Foundations: Making Sure You Know the “Base-ics”

A home is only as strong as it’s weakest link and getting the foundation right keeps the rest of your home upright.
10/10/2017 @ 06:10 AM

We have you Covered - Comparing Shingles and Other Roofing Materials

Your roof protects your house from the elements and keeps the water out. But how do you choose shingles or other materials that look good AND perform well?
08/08/2017 @ 06:08 AM

Summer Hot Topic: Air Conditioning!

When it’s hot, you want it to work. You also don't want to pay a fortune. How do you know what is the best deal? We have you covered.
08/08/2017 @ 05:08 AM

Resilient Landscaping?

Choosing the right landscaping can be the difference between a tree being in your living room (Oh my!), or increased protection from wind and flooding.
08/08/2017 @ 08:08 AM

5 Flood Facts You Should Know

Floods, according to National Geographic, cause about $6 billion worth of damage and kill nearly 140 people every year in the US. Most people don’t know that every state is at risk for flash floods or that everyone is a flood zone. Test your flood knowledge with our 5 flood facts you may not know.
08/08/2017 @ 06:08 AM

Volunteers Learn About FORTIFIED Construction with Habitat for Humanity

Hands-on class shows how new building method strengthens homes and saves money on insurance, all while doing good.
08/08/2017 @ 06:08 AM

The 5 Insurance Facts You Probably Don’t Know

Understanding what to do and what’s covered before a disaster happens gives you peace of mind. The worst question to ask after a calamity is “ Is this covered?”
08/08/2017 @ 07:08 AM

See the Proof of Don’t Goof

Your roof is your home’s first defense against Mother Nature and re-roofing is an opportunity to put money back in your pocket. Have you heard us say this? We say it all the time because, well, it’s true!
07/07/2017 @ 08:07 AM

How do I get a FORTIFIED certification for My Home?

Choosing which FORTIFIED level is right for your home and budget can be a hard choice. Luckily, there is an easy answer, hire a FORTIFIED Evaluator.
07/07/2017 @ 07:07 AM

Don’t Let Your Home Go Up in Smoke

Happy Fourth of July! It’s hot and people are preparing to shoot off some fireworks tonight, if they haven’t already. This is the perfect time to take a few minutes and learn about some ways to prepare for and prevent fire damage.
07/07/2017 @ 09:07 AM

The New Path for Disaster Preparedness

Stateline News released an excellent three-part series explaining the changing landscape of disaster planning, mitigation, and recovery in America. Often these subjects are approached using different strategies. We propose that they are, and should be, connected.
06/06/2017 @ 04:06 PM