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From Tuesday the 28th to Wednesday the 29th, the Southeast & Caribbean Disaster Recovery Partnership (SCDRP) hosted its annual meeting in Jacksonville, FL.

The two days were filled with presentations and planning sessions about “improving disaster recovery, developing resilience strategies, and discussing lessons learned from recent events” according to the the SCDRP. There were talks given by state, local, and Federal officials, as well as, for the first time, members of the Caribbean community.

Smart Home America’s President and CEO, Julie Shiyou-Woodard, along with Alex Cary of the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, gave a well-received presentation about FORTIFIED construction and the impact of insurance on disaster recovery.

Smart Home America is glad to support the SCDRP in its goal to strengthen the ability of the region's coastal and Caribbean communities, economies, and environment to recover from coastal storms. As the need for resiliency gets more pertinent each year, the information shared at the SCDRP meeting is invaluable to those in disaster recovery. Learn more about the SCDRP at