Coastal Code Supplement Cover 2018 IRC

Building codes are minimum standards designed to protect public health, safety, and general welfare; without them, the building world would be the wild west. We’re glad we have them! Every three years, the International Code Council (ICC) releases updated codes which cities and jurisdictions can adopt.

FORTIFIED goes beyond most building codes to better protect buildings and homes during severe weather and ensures possessions, and more importantly, the people in them, are as safe as possible. We believe that building codes should have more stringent requirements, ensuring our homes are more resilient in the face of natural disasters. Check out the Code Supplement which gives jurisdictions the option to add FORTIFIED  recommendations to their local building codes. The Code Supplement is already providing improved protection and added benefits to a growing number of homes and communities and can be adopted by both inland and coastal cities, towns, and counties.

Go beyond the minimum standards and build FORTIFIED to protect your home, family and your possessions better. Learn more about the benefits of FORTIFIED today!