FORTIFIED is an affordable, effective, and beyond-code construction standard used to re-roof, retrofit, or build a home, business, or multifamily development. 

There are three FORTIFIED programs - FORTIFIED Home™, FORTIFIED Commercial™, and FORTIFIED Multifamily™. Each program has three levels - Roof, Silver, and Gold. A hail supplement can also be added to further protect against hail damage. 

FORTIFIED qualifies for insurance discounts and tax incentives in some states because it is a trusted system based on 20+ years of research, real-world testing, and observations by the Insurance Institute of Business and Home Safety.

FORTIFIED exceeds most building codes, improves building performance against natural disasters, and reduces the risk of personal property losses. Only a FORTIFIED Evaluator can submit a project for designation. The Evaluator is responsible for documenting and verifying all construction aspects to ensure structures are built to the standard. 

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