Opening Protection Guide

Choose the right opening protection for your home or business.

Ibhs Opening Protection Guide Cover

Keeping out wind and water is critical to the survival of your home or business during severe weather. Therefore, protective barriers such as shutters and impact-rated windows and doors should be installed well in advance of a storm. Plywood should only be used as a last-minute alternative, and if used, must be properly fastened. Lastly, do not tape windows. It is a myth that this will prevent them from breaking when impacted by windborne debris. This method provides no protection and wastes valuable time that should be used for other storm preparation tasks.

This guide provides information to help you choose the right protection for your home or business, including a detailed matrix that compares important variables of win-dow protection options such as pros and cons, advance deployment time needed, costs associated with do-it-yourself versus professional installation, and more.

Download the IBHS Selection Guide for Shutters & Other Protective Barriers