FORTIFIED Re-Roofing Checklist

No matter where you live, get a FORTIFIED Roof™.

Use the FORTIFIED Re-Roofing Checklist to give your roofer the necessary information to meet the FORTIFIED Roof requirements. The Checklist includes links to videos and additional information. 

You will need a FORTIFIED Evaluator to certify that your home meets the FORTIFIED standard and issue a Designation Certificate.

Use the Checklist when seeking written roofing bids to ensure all the work needed is included in your contract. 

Find trained and certified FORTIFIED Evaluators, roofers, and professional contractors and builders in your area in our Directory. 

Download the FORTIFIED Hurricane Re-Roofing Checklist for coastal areas.

Cover FORTIFIED Roof Hurricane Re Roofing checklist

Download the FORTIFIED High Wind Re-Roofing checklist for inland areas.

Cover FORTIFIED Roof High Wind Re Roofing checklist

Download the FORTIFIED Roof™ repair checklist if you already own a FORTIFIED Roof. 

Cover FORTIFIED Roof Repair checklist