Water and sewer backups are some of the most common homeowners insurance claims. They can happen for many reasons that are out of a homeowner’s hands. From extreme weather, to fat/oil/grease build up clogging the pipelines, tree roots growing through pipes, water and sewer backups can happen when you least expect them. This can leave your home with detrimental water damage that can cause mold and other bacterial growth.

Contamination can leave you needing to purchase new furniture, carpeting, and drywall. Unfortunately, the backup can also damage your electric and gas utilities. None of these replacements or the professional work needed are cheap, which is why it is important to make sure you have sewer and water coverage included in your homeowners insurance.

Purchasing backup coverage ensures that should damage occur from standing water or sewage, your insurance will cover damages to both your home and personal property. Also, should the damage cause mold, mildew, or to damage to your utilities, your insurance company should cover the cost of a restoration company.

Water and sewer backups are more common that homeowner’s think, so ask your insurance agent if you are covered.

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