Energy Savings

Sustainability is not just saving or preserving resources; it’s about longevity, durability and affordability.

Building better makes sure any investments in energy efficiency and green construction will better withstand the tests of time and Mother Nature. Small changes and simple steps can save home and business owners hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year on energy and insurance costs while conserving resources. That's a win-win.  


"Green Building" Standards 

Start with a strong foundation, end with a light footprint. Resilient construction and green building can go hand in hand. 


Energy Codes 

Just like Building Codes, Energy Codes are minimum standards. They focus on ensuring homes and businesses use resources efficiently.


Our Take on Resilience and Sustainability 

Just our two cents on how the two, when combined, create homes and businesses that cost less to own and need fewer resources.


FORTIFIED is the New Normal in Construction

Saves you money on insurance and backed by 20 years of research and testing. Let’s stop building the same way and expecting different results.