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Aran & Franklin Engineering, Inc.

Aran & Franklin Engineering Inc. is THE premier Windstorm and Structural Engineering firm on the Texas Gulf Coast.

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Disaster Smart Consulting, Inc.

FORTIFIED Evaluators Serving Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. 

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Guaranteed Watt Saver

Oklahoma FORTIFIED Evaluator. Inspect for all national green and above code building programs and for the IRC/IECC Energy Codes.

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Truland Homes

Built on our philosophy of the ideal home

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Fireworks and Fire - Avoidable Consequences

This 4th of July you can prepare for unexpected fires to protect your home, family and community.

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Disaster Proof Your Home

Disasters can be a huge impact on your home, but there are ways to minimize this impact.

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Smart Home America Awarded Travelers Excellence in Community Resilience Award.

Smart Home America recieves the Excellence in Community Resilience Award at the 8th Annual Travelers Institute Hurricane Prepardeness Event in Houston, Texas.

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