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OUR MISSION | To create stronger communities through collaboration, education and the promotion of resilient and sustainable policies, products and building methods. 

The hazards we face cannot be controlled, no matter where we live. While risk is an accepted part of life, historically we have felt helpless, or perhaps apathetic, and build our world “good enough”, expecting to rebuild after devastation visits us. It does not have to be this way; we can build resilient. 


We have built a successful model to elevate building standards and bring awareness to the vulnerability of the built environment. Our vision of stronger, sustainable, more resilient communities is attainable with the right approach- a coordinated, dedicated effort focused on education, advocacy, partnership and action. Our approach to outreach ensures key stakeholders and the community learn about the importance of resilience in tandem so they are able to work together, understand the threats they face, the benefits of resilience and implement mitigation solutions tailored to them. 



  • Education- Through access to world-class solutions and the best models of building standards, such as FORTIFIED, we serve as a hub of information,sharing knowledge with policymakers and stakeholders.
  • Advocacy- The passage and adoption of laws, building codes and policies that inherently build and support resilience allow communities and regions to strengthen their built environment, reduce risk and better withstand the threats they face.
  • Partnership- Serving as a nexus of resilient minded organizations and thought leaders, we convene the built industry, government and consumers to create and implement solutions to create resilient communities.
  • Action- Enacting stronger building codes, incentives for resilient construction and avenues for people to undertake, and fund, hazard mitigation.