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Search for FORTIFIED Evaluators

If you want to build FORTIFIED, you must work with a FORTIFIED Evaluator. They’re the only ones who can provide the critical, mandatory compliance verification services for the program.

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Search for FORTIFIED Wise-Professionals

FORTIFIED Wise-Professionals have attended training and demonstrated an advanced understanding of FORTIFIED Home™ concepts and requirements. They can help you build FORTIFIED.

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Search for FORTIFIED Wise-Associates

FORTIFIED Wise-Associates are qualified professionals who are equipped to describe the program and how it works.

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Latest News

Smart Home America partners with Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium on innovative new position

Partnership to strengthen local communities against storms and floods.

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Green Building

Nowadays, everyone is “going green.” Whether you’re asking for paper bags at the grocery store or biking to work, the little things add up. Building FORTIFIED is also a big step towards a greener, more sustainable living.

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Building Codes & FORTIFIED

FORTIFIED is code-plus - it goes beyond most building codes which are minimum standards.

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