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Re-roofing is a big opportunity to save up to 35% on insurance, strengthen your home and protect your stuff. Learn More @

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Search for FORTIFIED Evaluators

If you want to build FORTIFIED, you must work with a FORTIFIED Evaluator. They’re the only ones who can provide the critical, mandatory compliance verification services for the program.

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Search for FORTIFIED Wise-Professionals

FORTIFIED Wise-Professionals have attended training and demonstrated an advanced understanding of FORTIFIED Home™ concepts and requirements. They can help you build FORTIFIED.

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FORTIFIED Wise-Associates are qualified professionals who are equipped to describe the program and how it works.

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Latest News

PSA Campaign Launches Targeting Alabama and Mississippi Homeowners

Smart Home America and its partners announce the launch of “Don’t Goof When You Re-Roof®”, an education campaign to inform homeowners about the FORTIFIED Home program and how it can protect their home, provide resilience and can save up to 35 percent on home insurance.

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New Insurance Guide to Help Homeowners Save Money and Prepare for Storms

“Some 20,000 homes along Alabama’s coastal counties are not insured for wind damage, and thousands more are functionally uninsured,”

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White House Panel Discusses New Study by UA’s Insurance Research Center

Study shows FORTIFIED Resilient Building Standard Increases Home Value

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