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The South Alabama Code Catalog is a compilation of the readily available plans, laws, and ordinances of the coastal cities, towns, and jurisdictions across Mobile and Baldwin Counties in Alabama. The purpose of the Catalog is to serve as a starting point for researchers, planners, builders, and others to understand the landscape of laws and ordinances governing building, land use, and other factors affecting the development of the built environment and preservation of natural infrastructure.

The resources here have been gathered independently from publically available sources. This Catalog aims to serve as an easy to use repository and resource for the codes and ordinances of the region.

Because each town, city, and county adopt plans and laws independently, the rules from jurisdiction to jurisdiction vary and can change regularly. Therefore, to know the types of policies and which communities have adopted and enforced which plans, it is necessary to evaluate planning efforts across the region. This Online Catalog provides that opportunity, however, resources listed here should not be used for planning or development. Use them as a starting point and confirm with the local jurisdiction that you have the most recent version of any resource.

The South Alabama Code Catalog was created by Smart Home America. Funding for this project provided by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, State Lands Division, Coastal Section, in part, by a grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Office for Coastal Management, Award# 17NOS4190149.

*The year each code or ordinance was last updated is noted in the description. Contact the local jurisdiction to ensure the item you are referencing is the most recent version available. Not all codes or ordinances from all jurisdictions are listed. Items will be updated as possible. No representation is made that the resources listed on this site are the most current. Do not use for planning or development, contact the local jurisdiction.

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The Code Catalog is maintained by Smart Home America.

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