FORTIFIED is the national standard in resilient construction and is quickly becoming the new normal in how we build. Consumers are asking for it and they need qualified, knowledgeable professionals to build or upgrade their homes. Stay ahead of the curve and get to know FORTIFIED. 


Training opportunities are held in locations throughout the U.S.


FORTIFIED is independently verified and proven to strengthen a property against storm damage. The building standard gives consumers added confidence and the certification is renewable, transferable and can increase home value.


FORTIFIED Increases Home Value By Nearly 7%

Switching from conventional construction standards to FORTIFIED increases the value of a home by nearly 7 percent according to a study by the University of Alabama.


The Alabama Coastal Insurance Shoppers Guide

All the information coastal homeowners need to make informed decisions about their home and flood insurance


FORTIFIED Insurance Discounts and Tax Incentives

FORTIFIED™ can qualify homes and businesses for insurance incentives or discounts from state wind pools and certain insurance companies. Some states have even legislated these discounts or credits.


Education and Training

Contact us to schedule your next team training. We provide education services about how the benefits of building stronger, insurance incentives, and FORTIFIED.    ​​​​​​

Durable is Sustainable

Building better 1st makes sure investments in energy efficiency and green construction withstand the tests of time and Mother Nature. Small changes and simple steps can save thousands a year.


FORTIFIED Materials and Resources

FORTIFIED Home™ requirements, benefits, flyers, yard and home signs, logos and other marketing materials