Handout for Don't Goof When You Re-Roof

This printable handout for Don’t Goof When You Re-Roof gives a quick overview of the program and how to learn more.


This "rack card" is designed to be easy to read, direct people to more information about Don't Goof When You Re-Roof and fit in standard displays. The size is 4"x9". This is a print ready version suitable for commercial printing. 

We want our partners and supporters to share this information about the program and help to raise awareness of the benefits and importance of FORTIFIED.

USAGE: "Don't Goof When You Re-Roof®" is a registered trademark of Smart Home America. If your company or organization plans to co-brand this rack card, we ask that you provide the print ready proof for review prior to printing and allow for two business days for review. The guidelines are simple, update the blank section at bottom of the second page with your a companies contact information, logo, etc. Do not modify the rest of the handout. Please, send any proofs to Graham Green, Graham@Smarthomeamerica.org. 

Please contact Graham Green if you have any questions.- Graham@Smarthomeamerica.org, 251-295-1025.