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FORTIFIED Discounts 

Mitigation Credits, Programs, or Other Incentives

Insurance Discounts You May Not Know About

There are a variety of discounts available to homeowners based on specific upgrades or features of their homes. We always advise shopping for insurance regularly to save money and stay adequately insured.

  • Roof characteristics - Age, Shape, Pitch, Condition
  • Sealed roof deck (part of FORTIFIED Roof) - Sealing the seams between the plywood under your shingles/metal using special tape or a full peel and stick adhesive underlayment creates a secondary water barrier that prevents water from getting into your home.
  • Opening protection (part of FORTIFIED Silver) - Windows, doors, and garages must be protected during a Hurricane. Engineered opening protection works better than plywood, such as shutters or impact-rated glass. Duct tape on windows does not work. Learn about the options here.
  • Backup generators - Generators typically need a hard-wired interface into your home or must run limited appliances which are plugged directly into the generator. NEVER plug your generator into a home outlet. This avoids back-feeding the power lines and potentially harming utility workers. Also, always keep generators at least 15 feet from your home. Learn more about generator safety from
  • Deadbolts - These locks reduce your risk of being burglarized, so you may qualify for a discount if your home has them.
  • Alarms and Sensors - Sensors that can detect and notify you about pipe leaks, power surges, or fire/CO2  can help you avoid costly repairs and provide a discount on your insurance premium. Some sensors may also be able to disconnect or shut off utilities to your home in case of an event. 
  • Metal roof credits - These credits are typically smaller than a FORTIFIED discount, but savings are savings.
  • Bundling - Bundling is the act of combining auto, home, and life insurance policies with one company to save money across all policies.

Last updated 6-2022

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