Habitat for Humanity

Bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Habitat for Humanity is a proving ground of FORTIFIED and a showcase of the construction method to the building community and related industries. The ability to provide real world examples of the affordability, feasibility, and ease of integration of FORTIFIED into current workflows is a catalyst for adoption of the standard in a community.

It is also a case study in the positive effects on families and the overall cost of homeownership. Habitat invests in FORTIFIED for their families because they know in the long run it pays off for the families they partner with in reduced insurance costs, lower risk of storm damage and fewer insurance claims. This sets them up for success and less worry.

Habitat Strong

The FORTIFIED and Habitat for Humanity partnership started in Coastal Baldwin and Mobile Counties in Alabama and grew along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Now, thanks to a partnership with Habitat for Humanity International, the Habitat Strong program is taking FORTIFIED to Habitat affiliates nationwide! Habitat Strong is teaching affiliates across the nation about FORTIFIED construction and is offering grants and other incentives to affiliates interested in exploring or adopting the building standard.

A special thank you to Habitat for Humanity of the Mississippi Gulf Coast for multi-year donations in support of our mission. They work in partnership with community stakeholders throughout Harrison, Jackson, and Stone counties to create innovative sustainable housing solutions and opportunities for people to transform their lives. They, along with every other Coastal Alabama and Mississippi affiliate have committed to building to the FORTIFIED Home Gold level since 2012-13.