Louisiana Disaster Recovery Alliance

Reducing the risk and vulnerability across the state of Louisiana in the face of repetitive events.

In a state too accustomed to disaster, home and business owners need solutions to strengthen and protect their properties and communities. The Louisiana Disaster Recovery Alliance (LDRA) is a consortium of Louisiana-based private, community, and corporate foundations and donors that was founded to address issues of disaster recovery and resilience and reduce levels of risk and vulnerability across the state in the face of repetitive events.

Smart Home America is the proud recipient of a 2018 grant from the LDRA. By working with our partners in the state, we will support more resilient rebuilding efforts and increase the planning capacity and efficiency of targeted communities affected by the flooding of 2016 and other natural disasters.

We look forward to working with LDRA and the Center on Disaster Philanthropy on building the resilience of Louisiana and appreciate their partnership in our mission.