There are two primary FORTIFIED Home standards - Hurricane or High Wind and Hail. There is also the High Wind standard for areas not usually affected by hail. The program you'd use is determined by the weather risks in your areas. Find out the risks you face and the FORTIFIED Home standards for your area.

We break down the FORTIFIED Home Hurricane and High Wind and Hail standards below and provide some helpful videos. 


[VIDEO] Sealed Roof Deck - Water Intrusion from IBHS on Vimeo.

[VIDEO] IBHS Hailstorm Demonstration Highlights from IBHS on Vimeo.

[VIDEO] asphalt-shingles-demo-anne IBHS from IBHS on Vimeo.

[VIDEO] American Modern Manufactured Home High Wind Testing at the IBHS Research Center from IBHS on Vimeo.

NOTE- While this is tested on a manufactured home, the same would hold true on a single family home. 

[VIDEO] Vinyl Siding - what is inside your walls? from IBHS on Vimeo.

NOTE- Under FORTIFIED standards, the foam board should be replaced with plywood or OSB (structural sheathing) in certain areas, including gable ends and end walls. Ideally, the entire structure would use structural sheathing. Foam board, while widely used, is more useful as added insulation. 

FORTIFIED Continuous Load Path Animation from IBHS

Download the FORTIFIED Home Hurricane Pocket Guide

Download the FORTIFIED Home High Wind and Hail Pocket Guide

Download the FORTIFIED Home High Wind Pocket Guide


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