FORTIFIED Home™ standards are consistent throughout the country. Evaluators ensure that a home meets the program requirements no matter where it is built.

If you are not working with a FORTIFIED Evaluator, your home or business cannot be verified to meet the FORTIFIED program standards. 

FORTIFIED Evaluators™ are independent, third-party and certified. They provide critical, mandatory compliance verification services and are the only professionals who can help you earn a FORTIFIED Designation for your property. 

The Evaluation Process

There are slightly different steps for new construction and existing homes. But the steps to get FORTIFIED are the same. 


  1. Choose a  FORTIFIED Evaluator
  2. Select a Target Designation Level (Bronze, Silver or Gold. NOTE-Gold is primarily for new construction, a complete rehab, or major remodel)
  3. Document Construction of Any Hidden Features
  4. Complete Final Inspection
  5. Get Designated

What are the Costs? 

The costs for an evaluation are based on the rates an independent Evaluator charges, the size of the home, scope of work and other factors. Get quotes from several Evaluators before deciding who you'd like to work with.

Existing Homes Require A Current Conditions Report
This is the only major difference in the process.

To create a Current Conditions report (CCR), your FORTIFIED Evaluator will perform an in-depth review of your home's current condition and provide details of what steps will need to be taken to meet FORTIFIED standards. Once you have your Current Conditions Report, it can be used by contractors to develop a scope of work for for their bids.


Training and Certification Requirements of FORTIFIED Evaluators

FORTIFIED Evaluators are certified after completing a comprehensive training course, passing a final exam and meeting rigorous professional requirements. Only then are they qualified to help assess the condition of single-family, detached dwellings. Learn more about FORTIFIED training and certifications.

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