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In Mobile and Baldwin Counties, Alabama, each town, city, and county adopt plans and laws independently. To know the types of plans and which communities have adopted and enforce, it is necessary to evaluate planning efforts across South Alabama.

The goal of this catalog is to provide access to multidisciplinary types of planning documents as well as community adopted codes and ordinances in South Alabama. Not only will this improve government planning and local coordination, but it can also foster resilience in communities by identifying vulnerabilities and developing policy adoption to overcome hazards and reduce loss.

The South Alabama Code Catalog was created by Smart Home America. This project was conducted by Smart Home America with funding provided by the Auburn University Marine Extension and Research Center (AUMERC) and the Alabama Coastal Management Program (ACAMP), a program of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, State Lands Division, Coastal Section. In part, this project was funded by a grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Office for Coastal Management, Award# 17NOS4190149. 

*The year each code or ordinances was last updated is noted. Contact the local jurisdiction to ensure the item you are referencing is the most recent version available. Not all codes or ordinances from all jurisdictions are listed. Items will be updated as possible.

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