- Know if you have Replacement Cash Value or Actual Cash Value coverage. Replacement is recommended

- There can be exceptions to your homeowners insurance for wind damage, building codes, and water backup

- Flood damage is not covered under 99% of homeowners insurance policies. Get flood insurance

- You must buy a separate policy to protect your family from financial losses due to floods, termites, pests, and earthquakes

- Maintenance-related problems are the homeowners' responsibility

- Ensure your home's current value and cost to rebuild is reflected in your policy

- In 19 States, wind insurance is a separate policy with a separate percentage-based deductible in most cases

- Shop your insurance

- Update your information every year. Not doing so you could get a smaller claim check when you have damage

- Make sure you have the right coverage and policy endorsements to protect your family

- Use our Top Ten Questions to Ask About Homeowners Insurance to help you talk with your insurer

- Get the best insurance you can afford

Flood damage is not covered by homeowners insurance

Only 15% of homeowners have flood insurance. Do you?

Get Flood Insurance