Guaranteed Watt Saver

Oklahoma FORTIFIED Evaluator. Inspect for all national green and above code building programs and for the IRC/IECC Energy Codes.

Guaranteed Watt Saver provides both residential and commercial energy rating services. We also inspect for all national green and above code building programs and for the IRC/IECC Energy Codes.

We and our national network of Certified Home Energy Auditors/Raters have performed over 100,000 energy ratings and have certified over 50,000 Energy Star homes.

Guaranteed Watt Saver Systems, Inc., (GWS) opened its doors in 1977. GWS adapted NASA's radiant barrier to residential home construction to update and refine residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. In 1986 we developed nationwide dealerships and made this technology and knowledge available to homes in any climate region.

GWS helped pioneer the use of blower door technology in performance testing, which is the cornerstone of the RESNET HERS Index.

In 1994, GWS worked with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop the first Builder Option Packages (BOPs) for the Energy Star Program.

GWS was the first provider for the Energy Star Program in the States of Texas and Oklahoma. The company was recognized in 1997 by the Environmental Protection Agency as the first nationwide program for the construction of Energy Star Homes.

GWS certified the first LEED home in the nation.

GWS, Inc. has evolved into one of the nation's leading firms specializing in Energy Efficiency Engineering and Building Science Consulting. GWS provides both residential and commercial engineering and commissioning.

GWS provides consulting services to federal, state, and municipal agencies to help transition them into more energy efficient and sustainable building programs. 


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