BASF Disaster Durable Solutions™ provides homeowners, insurance professionals, contractors and builders with mitigation choices that can be added to most any project.

BASF provides many options for "Disaster Durable Solutions" that go beyond the requirements of the insurance, energy and building industries.

Their products limit the amount of damage that occurs on a roof and a wall. Closed-cell spray polyurethane foam (SPF) products are designed so that damage can be repaired in localized. The limited amount of repairs required will save both the owner and insurance company time and money. 

Working with a certified FORTIFIED Home™ Evaluator, DDS trained spray foam applicators can help contractors and homeowners satisfy two critical requirements for the FORTIFIED Home™–Bronze designation.

Specific BASF 2-part closed-cell spray foam products can be used to seal the roof deck and improve the connection of the roof deck when applied using the techniques below. Other upgrades may be required to earn a FORTIFIED Home™ designation so consult a certified FORTIFIED Home™ Evaluator for further details.

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