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If you’re in the business world, you’ve likely heard of a Lunch and Learn. Most are exactly what they sound like, you eat and learn. Pretty bland. Thankfully, we’re not standard fare.

While you will eat, and you will learn, we do not provide the typical presentation. If you’re in the insurance, construction, real estate, government or banking world, you should invite us to host your next staff training. Now, we also host coffee and learns, breakfast and learns and a new offering, volunteer and teach events with local Habitat for Humanities. The latter takes longer to arrange and is an out of the office event where you will get your hands dirty, just a heads up.

Okay, so far it sounds kind of typical, except the last part, we admit, but it's the way we present that is not standard. You’ll immediately be engaged by our team. We want our time to be interactive. We’ll encourage you to get on your phone and look at the resources we talk about, to ask questions during our discussion, we don’t mind if we go off topic or do not follow our slides. Our team is professional and knowledgeable about the topics we present on, and good people, too.

As a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, we focus our energy on many different tasks within the world of resiliency and don’t promote specific products or companies. Yes, we have partners that support us financially, that’s how we exist, and you will see their logos, but we focus on the topics, not the who. We support stronger building methods, improved building codes and policies that create resilient communities. However, much of our work revolves around educating the public and you, our stakeholders about our cause and provide valuable information on how you are key to helping us achieve our mission.

The goal of these short education sessions is to provide you with the key information and resources you need to help your clients and customers make informed decisions about the future of their homes, business, and communities. We also want you to be advocates in your community. You’ll then be a resource for people to turn to when they want to learn how to protect homes and businesses from falling prey to fraud after the next big storm or after the smallest leak. You’ll know about the latest construction techniques such as FORTIFIED Home, which is beginning to sweep the nation, and how to shop and buy the right insurance. You can be the go-to, trusted resource for your friends, neighbors and community with the right information and we need more voices that understand how resilience, FORTIFIED and being properly covered by insurance can keep a community vibrant and durable for generations come.

Contact us to schedule a team training and see what a Lunch and Learn with Smart Home America can do for your productivity.

If you want a preview, check out our Facebook page for photos of past Lunch and Learns.

Posted on Thursday, October 4th 2018

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